Mayor De Blasio’s Commitment to Homeless Vets

In his State of the City address, Mayor Bill De Blasio outlined a comprehensive, coordinated approach to ending veteran homelessness in New York City in 2015. Our Founder and President, George McDonald, issued the following statement in response:

Mayor De Blasio has laid out the solution that our homeless veterans have been hoping for: one that not only confronts the “moral indictment” of homelessness among veterans, but also delivers a larger vision of city agencies and nonprofit organizations working together, and a coordinated, unbroken continuum of care for our country’s heroes.

When we launched The Doe Fund’s Veterans Program in 2009, we saw their plight as an unacceptable outcome for the greatest city in the world. The program we developed provides, first and foremost, safe and stable housing: the foundation that our veterans need to rebuild the lives they deserve. With the Mayor’s announcement and our entire city’s commitment behind it, the end of Veteran homelessness is within sight— but more importantly, thanks to the Mayor’s coordinating leadership, it’s within our grasp.

Five years ago, the President’s Interagency Council on Homelessness issued its plan to end veteran homelessness in 2015. Then, it was simply an aspiration. This year, working together, we’ll ensure that no member of the armed services will ever be left out in the cold again.

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