A kind note from a neighbor

“I want to compliment The Doe Fund on keeping our streets clean with your “men in blue” who I truly admire for improving their lives.  I live on the Upper East Side and I commend when commendations are due.

I want to commend you on your program participant Robert, who I took note of the other day, on York Avenue off 79th Street, taking all of the complimentary newsstands (there were 10 of them) and reorganizing each and every one, that were thrown all over the sidewalk, tilted over.  Robert took the time to place them all in a line on the sidewalk while making sure that the debris beneath the stands were cleaned up. These stands had been moved by the food vendors to make way for their trucks, and needless to say they make a mess.

I thanked Robert for all his work and told him how I respect and welcome his service to the area.  Your “men in blue” are wonderful people, who speak so highly of the program, and the hierarchy that run the program.  Thank you so much for your program and please know how much it is acknowledged and appreciated. The corner of 79th & York Avenue looks so much improved in appearance due to Robert. I applaud him and his service to the area.”

The Doe Fund

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About Author: The Doe Fund

Founded in 1985, The Doe Fund provides life-transforming services for the homeless, the formerly incarcerated, disenfranchised youth, and people living with AIDS. The organization's flagship Ready, Willing & Able program has helped tens of thousands of individuals achieve permanent self sufficiency through paid work, transitional housing, and employment training.