PUBLICATION: A Guide for New York State Employers

At the request of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, The Doe Fund’s Founder & President, George McDonald, assembled a committee to recommend policies that would enhance employment opportunities for job seekers with conviction histories. After a year of meetings and professional focus groups, the committee released a report “Reentry and Employment” that contained its policy recommendations. As the first qualitative research of its kind, the report has been cited repeatedly by the New York Legislature and multiple policy organizations.

One key recommendation was the provision of resources to New York employers to raise awareness of state laws and financial incentives regarding the hiring of individuals with conviction histories.

The tools included in this guide are designed to help employers fairly evaluate candidates and protect themselves from unnecessary exposure to negligent hiring claims. Ultimately, these businesses will be a positive force in strengthening families and communities throughout New York, will help reduce crime, and will participate in rebuilding the state’s economic base.


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