Q & A with Staff Member Maggie Murray

Maggie Murray is as an Adult Education Instructor at The Doe Fund’s facilities in Brooklyn. There, she works alongside trainees, honing their computer skills and helping them earn their High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma. Thanks to staff like Maggie, trainees leave Ready, Willing & Able with skills and credentials that give them a competitive edge in the job market.

What drew you to Ready, Willing & Able?

I learned about The Doe Fund from my peers and the mission resonated with me 100%. I’ve taught kids before and enjoyed it, but with adults, you’re more like colleagues working toward a shared goal. I find that very rewarding.

What role does education play in graduate success

A lot of our employers now are asking for an HSE diploma as a minimum requirement. This is true for everything from building maintenance to the food service industry.

Many of the men at Ready, Willing & Able had their education cut short when they were younger, so they have a strong drive to earn their diploma. They understand that it makes a big difference in getting job that will support them.

What is the biggest challenge faced by Ready, Willing & Able trainees?

The trainees in Ready, Willing & Able are doing so much in the program — including working, job training, case management, learning to use a computer. We have to work closely with them on their time management skills so we are setting them up to succeed.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

In the past year we have seen more and more men who want to further their education — which is incredibly rewarding. Enrollment in our computer skills and HSE classes has grown and more trainees have plans to go to college.

Most of all, I love seeing the excitement and pride the men feel when they earn their HSE diploma.  Most trainees have experienced a lot of disappointment in the past, so when they see their hard work has paid off, it’s everything to them.

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